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GD Fenderson, “Storyteller, is a self-described “Certified Forensic Humourist”.
“Certified Forensic Humourist” is not just a pretentious title that he gave himself; It’s a made-up, pretentious title that he’s earned.
He uses every comedic device at his disposal to discuss mature material in an immature manner.
His jokes and short stories are ripped from the headlines and his life and results in rip roaring laughter.
GD's performances are: part stand-up, part one-man, one act-play, part rock concert, part news report. It’s like a roller coaster ride that Walter Cronkite… Google him, I’ll wait. As I was saying, it’s like a roller coaster ride that Walter Cronkite designed, gave it to Dick Gregory to build… Google him, I’ll wait. As I was saying, gave it to Dick Gregory to build and had Jonathan Winters… I’ll wait. As I was saying, had Jonathan Winters “operate” it.
Now, you can ride him. Weeeeeeeeee!

How fast is this roller coaster ride? While, unofficially his I.Q. is in the 150’s, his jokes have been clocked at over 140. He goes from idiot to genius in 10.6 seconds (19 seconds Metric).

He has been described as “disturbingly creative and hilarious” (Pat Convoy- The Church of Satire Comedy Club); “Really Funny” (Christopher Titus); “He put on a comedy clinic.” (Big Rich Green- Big Rich Comedy). "Comedic Genius" (S. Kater, Sarasota, FL). "UR a star. So good on stage. Your material. Your timing. Your crowd work." (Quoted from a digital message. L.M. Smith)

GD Fenderson was born, raised and educated in Baltimore, MD with a plastic plated spoon in his mouth. His mother loaned him out to be raised by his father’s parents until GD was ready for school. And ready he was. After his first day of kindergarten was over he was not at the agreed upon waiting spot. No one could find him for hours. Everyone was looking for him; his mother, his father, aunts, uncles, police… Everyone except his oldest brother who wanted a puppy, not another brother. GD finally returned home and told his worried parents that he had already gone to kindergarten and, so he went to college.

GD’s Humour was shaped and misshaped by various events. GD was heavily influenced by his twice widowed mother who died Jan 1st, 2015 which orphaned GD at the tender age of 55. A man died at GD’s feet from a gunshot wound to the head when GD was 9 years old. On the other hand, this lead to GD’s first t.v. appearance.
GD has been in entertainment for close to forty years as a musician, a dancer (exotic), disc jockey (including operating his own radio station which featured local bands), minister, writer and now a comedian. He began his comedy career in September of 2014 at McCurdy’s Comedy Theater in Sarasota, FL. Since then, he has taken his unique performances all over the country.

GD currently lives in Westminster, MD with his second wife, and his fifth cat. He is available to perform at public and private events. While GD is not a vulgar comic, his PG-17 rated show rubs up against the far side of adult humour.

GD's first DVD, “GD Fenderson LIVE; My Parents Meant, Well” was recorded in November 2016 and can be viewed for free by clicking here.
His Second DVD, “GD Fenderson, The Disillusionist”, was recorded October 2018 and can be viewed for free by clicking here.
His third DVD, "Psycomedy 101: The Jokes Less Traveled" was recorded in June 2022 and may be viewed for free by clicking here.
GD is a contributor to the following media productions: "What' the Story?" magazine., "The Epic Radio Show" website blog, "Politipod Podcast" as a writer and voice actor.
GD is also the creator and co-host of "Done Way Past Funny" available on KNOB TV on Roku and on YouTube.
His book, “Don’t Buy This Book if You’re Stupid (The Truth Behind the Lines)” is being written as we speak (Technically, as you read.).
You don’t have to wait for the book… book him now while he’s still affordable.

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