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Recorded Shows

GD Fenderson recorded his first DVD,
"GD Fenderson Live; My Parents Meant, Well",
at the Sound Room Cafe in Hanover, PA.
This live 128 minute show is full of mature
subject matter, discussed in an immature manner.
The original 90 minute version was
To preview the DVD you can click here.
To watch the entire show for free you can click here.
The DVD can be purchased at GD
Fenderson's live performances.

GD Fenderson's second special, "The Disillusionist",
can be viewed for free.
The 90 minute special can be seen in it's entirety by

GD Fenderson's third special, "Psycomedy 101: The Jokes Less Traveled",
can be viewed for free by clicking here.

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