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Electronic Press Kit for
GD Fenderson - Storyteller/Song Parodies
Certified Forensic Humourist:
 Musing over mature matters in an immature manner.
GD Fenderson is a self-described Certified Forensic Humourist. He is called a “Humourist”, because a comedian “says look at me, see me, laugh at me. As a Humourist he says, “I see you. Let’s laugh at the world together.” (Rated PG-17 but he can work clean)
GD began doing traditional-ish stand-up in 2014. Over time he has added song parodies, sketches, and characters. He has become a unique figure in the D.C., MD, VA, PA comedy scene. (Link to Official Bio)
GD has been described as “disturbingly creative and hilarious” (Pat Convoy- The Church of Satire Comedy Club); “Really Funny” (Christopher Titus); “He put on a comedy clinic.” (Big Rich Green- Big Rich Comedy); "UR a star. So good on stage. Your material. Your timing. Your crowd work." (Linda Marcus Smith/Comedy Show producer- quote is from a Facebook message.)
He has opened for Nationally Touring comics, featured and headlined shows around the U.S., and produces his own shows. He is co-host on “Coffee With the Dog” on Mind Dog TV
and portrays Dr. Rev. Jelly Rolle on “The Church of Last Resort” which streams live on Sunday Mornings on Mind Dog TV.
He is the host, creator, writer, and producer of “Critical Joke Theory”. A headlines to punchlines summary of news and hot political topics with an even hotter wit.
He is a sketch writer and voice actor for the PolitiPod Podcast. PolitiPod is a political podcast where we take a satirical look at the world of politics.
He is host and creator of “Done Way Past Funny” on KNOB-TV. We look at the early works of seasoned comedians before they were seasoned and discuss it.
GD Fenderson has recorded 3 90-minute comedy specials:
“My Parents Meant…Well” (2016)
“The Disillusionist” (2018)
  “Psycomedy 101: The Jokes Less Traveled” (2022)
Contact him at

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