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GD Fenderson has recorded
3 Comedy specials to date;
"My Parenets Meant,...
WELL" (2016)
"The Disillusionist" (2018)
"Psycomedy 101: The Jokes
Less Traveled" (2021)
Coming Soon (?)
"Psycomedy 102: Shoulda,
Woulda, Coulda Told That Joke"
"The Karaoke Jokebook"

A collection of song parodies
from over the years.
Some are from live performances.
Some I performed the music live
and recorded and some I used
karaoke versions for the music for
expediency to meet a deadline.

A collection of interviews
and guest spots from over
the years.
I may have missed a few or
do not have the rights to share.

A collection of every episode
of "Done Way Past Funny".
Yes even the bad ones.

Although the "PolitiPod Podcast"
is official an audio medium for
streaming, there are a few sketches
that I wrote that I made a video for.
These are those sketches. The entire
collection of audio episodes are
available at

I write a lot of material.
More material than I will
ever use in stand-up comedy.
I'd have to have a weekly TV
show to accomodate my prolific
nature. "Critical Joke Theory"
is a series of comedic pokes at
the news. Headlines to punchlines
if you will.
"Critical Joke Theory" replaced
Similiar videos include

It looks like Lady Justice has put
on her running shoes and is chasing
Donald J. Trump down. If you do not
have time to read all of the indictments,
but you have time to watch or listen and
you want a side of comedy to go with it...
you've come to the right or left place.

The DR. Rev. Jelly Rolle, PhD.,
DDS, A.D.H.D., A.S.A.P. is the
most, popular, beloved and
irreverant of GD Fenderson's
characters. He is also the main
reason that GD Fenderson is on
restriction on almost all of his
social media accounts.  

"Volatile Cocktail" is the
name of the cd that we
recorded in the 1990's.
The band of record was
"Urban Poet Society".
Phil Peters, Douglas Otte
and GD Fenderson (originally
of "Modern Ideal") are the
core of this cd. They were
joined by Kurt Kolb (drums),
Denise St John and Linda
Freeman (backing vocals).
This is an homage to a time
by, but the music lingers still.

"Drink 'til We're Funny"
was on of the most popular
and productive open mics in
MD for many years. It was
run by T. Brad Hudson.
It was the first open mic
that I did as a comedian in
MD. It was a really good room.
I can not do it justice. This
one hour video is a summary
of the last "Drink 'til We're
Funny" open mic.
Thank you T. Brad for your
contribution to comedy.

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